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Sasa Serbaguna Hot 225gr
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SASA Serbaguna Hot 225gr


Sasa Tepung Bumbu Serbaguna Hot & Spicy adalah tepung bumbu praktis siap saji yang krispilezat dan lengkap dengan rasa pedas dan rempah alami.

Indomie Goreng Hot Spicy
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INDOMIE Goreng Hot & Spicy (5pcs)


Indomie Goreng Pedas Hot 5 x 85g
Indo Mie goreng is quick and easy instant noodles.
It is certified by Halal.
Now with hot & Spicy sauce inside

CENTURY Tuna Hot and Spicy
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CENTURY Tuna Hot and Spicy


CENTURY Tuna Hot and Spicy 180gr, Century Tuna Hot And Spicy with easy open can.
Natural source of Omega 3, No preservatives. 180 g / 6.35 oz.
Ingredients: tuna, water, soybean oil, chili, onion, garlic, cinnamon, ginger, sugar, salt, cornstarch, xanthan gum, bayleaf and artificial flavors.
Product of Philippines.